Organic Ingredients - Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Soy Free - Vegan
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Our Values

We believe in Authenticity and Integrity

We believe in real, easy to pronounce, organic ingredients, because they are simply just better, better for our bodies, better for our communities, better for our environment. We support a seed to stomach philosophy, meaning we want to know where our food comes from (i.e. each ingredient) and how it is produced. We commit to clearly communicating our practices and purchasing choices so our customers know what they are putting into their bodies and how people and the environment are being treated along the way.

We believe in Consciousness

We understand that our daily choices have an immediate impact on our environment. We strive to minimize our impact by monitoring our daily waste, continually implementing the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy and by using eco friendly packaging and cleaning products. We believe our biggest contribution to our environment is through our ingredients.

We believe in Community

We understand our business practices have an effect on our local and global environment; therefore, we work with local organic farms to source the freshest ingredients and build personal relationships with our vendors. We believe in treating our vendors, employees and customers with fairness and respect. We work with local charities and schools to give back.

We believe in Culture

Our culture promises exceptional customer service, inspires continual growth and education, supports open and honest communication and fosters loving relationships between humans and animals.